About us

I Gemelli are the eight generation of a family in the restaurant sector since 1850. Thanks to their mum’s culinary secrets and their grandmother’s Ligurian recipe book, they are attaining success in the small Portofino and in the great Milan.


Portofino: romantic and funny

Milan: modern and innovative

Ligurian tradition is the essential of our recipe, which are revisited in a modern twist

Our mission is to deliver great tasting food any time. Sourcing great ingredients is vital for a special taste and the satisfaction of our clients is essential.


Our Restaurants

In 2014 Paolo and Matteo open theri first restaurant in the elegant and romantic Portofino. Fish-deshes and the rivisted food traditions are the main character of their proposals, which are encountering a great success between different types of clients.

In 2018 they “land” in Milan in the famous Moscova area where there can be found innovative dishes and great evening-events.